Thursday, July 15, 2010

Letter Perfect Seating

SOME 10 YEARS AGO IN DESIGN SCHOOL, DUTCH GRAPHIC DESIGNER Roeland Otten had an idea to make a set of chairs in the form of letter forms. Today, with help from Fonds BKVB and Materiaalfonds, he has made finished lacquered prototypes of all 26 letters. Otten is trying to find a manufacturer to help him produce the chairs in plastic for worldwide distribution. I think they are fun and worthy of production. Good luck Roeland, from Accidental Mysteries.

Via DesignMilk.


The pale observer said...

Definitely! They're great. I'd buy some. I'd spell a word I love in letters.

Anonymous said...
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A said...
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A said...

imago-mental domino:

Un Sedicesimo is a sixteen pages long magazine edited by Corraini and created every two month by a different author.

CARATTERI MOBILI has the double meaning of "typeface forniture" and "movable typeface".

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