Thursday, July 1, 2010

Vintage Carnival Items

(Above) Abstract carnival game board. Made by the St. Louis Carnival Company. There is a faint mark on the back from the company. Great primary colors. The object was to get your ring around the box to win the prize. Click image for larger view!

(Above) 1930’s/1940’s A highly vivid and entertaining stool of circus origins. Possibly used as a clown or elephants prop, etc. An Americana sculptural curiosity with contemporary visual allure and appeal. Click image for larger view!
(Above) Here’s a nice collection of three vintage Knock Down Dolls or Punks from a Carnival or Circus. All 3 characters have their own personality— all double sided and retain their original wood bases. Click image for larger view!

(Above) Large carnival midway game clown head. Made by the Game Time Company in Litchfield, Michigan. C. 1950’s. Click image for larger view!
(Above) Penny toss boards were a feature in traveling carnival midways. Essentially a con game, the gathered crowd would toss pennies in the hope of landing in a square without touching bordering lines. It goes without saying that the carnie kept most of the pennies. An extremely colorful and graphic, and by now relatively rare bit of American carnival history. Click image for larger view!
(Above) Great pair of carnival “knock-down” punks found in the south, c. 1930s. Quite possibly one-of-kind. Click image for larger view!
(Above) Decorative boxing banner in beautiful pastel colors painted on canvas for the Robert N. Clark show in Bakersfield, California, c. 1930. Click image for larger view!

ONCE FOUND AT CARNIVALS ACROSS THE COUNTRY, these vintage items are highly collectible today and are found in museums and private collections all over the world. I found these items on the site called 1stDibs. All are for sale.

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