Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inside Outside

SOMETIMES MY BLOG POSTS ARE ABOUT CONNECTING DOTS. My life is about connecting the dots, but only my friend Paul would say he understands that statement. Anywho, here are two dots “connected”— a totally odd and bizarre terra-cotta “cutaway” sculpture of a primitive human-like sitting man, and a more contemporary scientific illustration of a male human body who looks a bit like television’s Don Draper of Mad Men. The primitive one has a penis, the more modern representation of a man does not. I don’t know, I’m just making an observation here.

Via here.

Via here.


A said...

Maybe I understand this thing, connecting the dots, as well.
It's what I call "imago-mental domino".
But "Connecting the dots" is perfect.
Thanks for your blog

John Foster said...

You got it Alessia. You see or hear something that resonates with you; you use it or store it for later. One thing leads to the next... an image here, a word-image-sound there. In some ways, you simply go with the flow, picking up the bread crumbs until you have something worth commenting on. Soon enough, you have enough for the "imago-mental domino" effect. I love imago-mental domino. I have that now... in my head. Thanks!

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