Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What to Do With Your Extra Stuff

Click any image for larger view and look closely!

Click any image for larger view and look closely!

BERNARD PRAS USES THE PRODUCTS OF MASS CONSUMERISM as the “paint” of his art. Sometimes using entire rooms the size of a basketball court, Pras recreates and builds images that at first confound and later amuse us with his vision. Pras, who is French, takes the French word collage to monumental proportions—not always in size, but in fearlessness of approach.

Via Bernard Pras.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Just Plain Cool-ey!

Click images for larger view!

Click images for larger view!

Click images for larger view!

JOSH COOLEY IS AN ARTIST AT PIXAR STUDIOS IN CALIFORNIA. One day, he got the idea to illustrate famous and memorable movie scenes in his style. Accidental Mysteries gives Josh the big “Me Likey Award” — and you can learn more about his cool art here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekend Random Images

(Above) Stas Volyazlovsky via Andrew Edlin Gallery

Via Accidental Mysteries Collection

Via Lotta Nieminen Portfolio

Via A Continuous Lean

Via Bill Heidrick

(Above) James Graham in collaboration with James Lambert: Via First Name James

Via Museum of Radio and Television

Via Triboro Design

START WATCHING FOR FRIDAY’S RANDOM WEEKEND IMAGES. No talk—just good yummy links to really strong visual stuff.

Remember to click on any image for a larger view!

Some images here found via Colt-Rane

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Women Bare All for X-Ray Calendar

(Above) Miss January

(Above) Miss February

(Above) Miss March

(Above) Miss April

(Above) Miss May

(Above) Miss June

(Above) Miss July

(Above) Miss August

(Above) Miss September

(Above) Miss October

(Above) Miss November

(Above) Miss December

WHEN THE MEDICAL IMAGING FIRM EIZO needed a way to market their high tech x-ray imaging capabilities, they turned to the German ad firm BUTTER. Their solution: a pin-up calendar in which women bear all. Literally, everything! As the promotion concept put it, “Very popular among craftsmen but quite new for medics: Pin-up calendars! At last, one which shows absolutely every detail.”

I think that these x-rays shine a revealing light on human sexuality. That, when it’s all said and done, we’re all just flesh and bone and body parts led by a brain that has been hard-wired to want and desire sex for procreation—and pleasure. So, if you look at our bodies in that way, this x-ray pin-up gal is nothing more than that—in stiletto heels, of course!

Via GeekOSystem.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

19th Century Objects Incorporating Photographs

Portrait of a suited young man
1890s (ca)

Mirror, photograph on reverse

With the Compliments of Him Who Sells Goods Cheap at East Mason, Warren Co., Ohio

Carte de visite size, photographic business card

Anthony Berger
1864, 9 February (taken) 1864 (created)
Campaign Pin

Page from “A New Map of the River Thames from Oxford to London”
1872 edition by Henry W. Taunt


Case notes with photo of Cuthbert Charles Duguid Morrice, + inserted note with drawings

Case notes with photo

Four stick pins.


Hairband, made of four standards of human hair with a tinted albumen image, English
1865 (ca)

HERE’S A VERY INTERESTING ON-LINE EXHIBITION that has focused on 19th century objects where photographs have been added or incorporated to add to, inform or decorate. This exhibition is just one of many on Luminous Lint, the best and most complete web site/resource on photography today. Luminous Lint is the result of years and years of hard work by Alan Griffiths, who is leaving the world an amazing archive. What I love about Luminous Lint is that it is a living resource for photographers, artists, students, collectors and academics. While you are there, sign up for their free email newsletter.

Check out the entire exhibition here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vintage Roller Skate Boxes

JOEY LIN HAS ONE of the best blogs on art and beautiful things I have seen. You can count on Joey to uncover some amazing objects, objects which will open your eyes and your imagination. His vision and mine seem to overlap so many times I feel as if I know him well—though we have never met in person.

These vintage roller skating boxes, hand embellished and decorated by by their long ago owners, are just a sampling of what he has to offer. Check him out on his blog Anonymous Works

Monday, June 21, 2010

Voices of the Past

Click on any image for larger view.

Click on any image for larger view.

Click on any image for larger view.

Click on any image for larger view.

IF YOU HAVE EVER WALKED THROUGH an abandoned building, you know it can be a very unsettling experience. Voices of the past, long stilled by neglect and abandonment, can still be heard if your imagination is sharp. Natural creeks and groans of the building itself, the aggregated debris from decay, barrage your senses. The sound you make is amplified, echoing down the halls and announcing your arrival to God knows what or who. Nature, or it’s omnipotent power for change, is ever present, doing its job, taking its time—for nature has all the time in the world. You feel like an intruder. You will never “belong” to an abandoned building, you are always a trespasser even if you have permission (which you rarely are granted). Yes, abandoned buildings are simply repositories for the ghosts of another time. And if you enter one, you’ll probably already know that the only ones comfortable there are the bugs and mice and the voices of the past.

All images are © from various Flickr sites and were found via Pixcetera.

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