Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Man Spends Thirty-Four Years Building Toothpick City

THIS IS SCOTT WEAVER AND HIS TOOTHPICK MODEL of San Francisco. He started building the toothpick structure at age 17 and 3000 hours and over 30 years later he finished his brilliant creation. It stands 9 feet tall and 7 feet wide. Weaver says he did it to show what could be done by creativity and hard work.

Via Sweet Station.


Tattered and Lost said...

Scott brought this to the county fair a few years ago and was kind enough to stand there and answer people's questions. Photos cannot do it justice. The intricacy of it has to be seen in person. How he moves it I'll never know. very fragile and beautiful.

As an aside, he is also crazy about Christmas and decorates his house each year.

Bird in the House said...


José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


It's almost impossible to do a search about toothpick art and not bump into this amazing work.
In a world with no patience, this is a fine example, not only in terms of art but also in terms of perseverance.


albina N muro said...

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