Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stranger Than Strange

(Above) Multiple Exposures, c. 1960s - 1970s.

(Above) Family Faces Apparition, c. 1930s
(Above) Lonely Chair, c. 1940s
(Above) Ghoul and TV, c. 1930s
(Above) Creepy Clown, c. 1910s
(Above) Cross Dresser, c. 1940s
(Above) Pet Funeral, c. 1960s

ANONYMOUS PHOTOGRAPHS CAN BE STRANGE, mainly because we have little to no context in which to benchmark our understanding of what we are looking at. Here are a few odd ducks from the Accidental Mysteries collection of found, anonymous snapshots.


Robert said...

Great selections, John.

Relics said...

Martin Parr would be so proud....

Unknown said...

At the bottom of enmity between strangers lies indifference. See the link below for more info.


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