Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Cabinet Card With A Little Extra

(Above) Click on image for a larger view.

HERE’S A SWEET, NICELY PAINTED CABINET CARD using watercolor over a lightly printed photograph. This was a common technique in the late 19th century, and like all art, some were better than others. This particular one, found on eBay, uses a more expressive brushstroke than many of the era.


Elizabeth said...

Hej John,

It is really a lovely cabinet card. Can you tell me if the had a special purpose?

Also saw that another milestone is coming up for you. Just a few more followers and you will be a Blogger of Note.

Good for you.


John Foster said...

Hi E-
I do not think they had a special purpose.... since they did not have color photography then, artisans in shops would often make the photography lightly exposed, then paint over the image... almost cheating—if you will.

Blogger of Note. I didn't even know there was such a designation. :)

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