Monday, April 19, 2010

A Very Tough Decision

(Above) Anthony Falbo: “At the Pizzeria” 24 x 30 inches, oil on stretched canvas; Price: $21,000,000.00.

(Above) Tommervik, “Abstract Semi-Truck Snake Urban” : 16 x 20 inches; oil; Price: $21,000,000.00.

THE OTHER DAY I WONDERED “WHAT ARTIST IS ASKING the highest price for one of his or her artworks on eBay?” That’s when I discovered Anthony Falbo, a painter who sells most of his original paintings for $21 Million Dollars on-line (that’s $21,000,000.00)! Falbo bills himself as “one of today’s HOTTEST international contemporary artists.”

But Falbo has some competition and this is wreaking havoc on my decision-making process on which one to buy. If you go to ebay and search for either artist, you’ ll see for yourself.

Right next to Falbo is the artist TOMMERVIK, who has a painting listed for the same price. Damn! Now I am torn.
Let’s see, both are oils. Both are abstract.... one is on a stretched canvas—but wait!!! Falbo’s painting is BIGGER! Obviously a better value at $21 million dollars.

Funny—both artists do have a Make Offer category. Any suggestions?

And—do you think I should ask for free delivery?


One Mans Treasure said...

Buy now! You'll kicking yourself in a few years if you don't.

Amanda Summer said...

the decision is simple. buy both.

seriously, has either of these guys sold anything.... at any price?

Barry said...

The listings are there to get the artists noticed--and it worked! If you check completed sales--I'd guess you'd find they'll accept--say $150-$200. I did a similar search looking for the the most and least expensive clown paintings. I bought the cheapest one because I couldn't see any difference in quality. I suspect mine was painted by a Chinese factory painter with an underdeveloped sense of irony--but I love it.

Candler Arts said...
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Anonymous said...
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