Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fishing Trip Fail

Please click on image for a larger, more nightmarish view.

IF YOU ARE PRONE TO NIGHTMARES, here’s a good example of one—the fishing trip from hell. I love vintage illustration, and the Lewis Wayne Gallery in Dallas has some great stuff.

This is a vintage illustration by a person named Jay Weaver, an illustrator about whom the gallery has little information.

This is the original painted art entitled I Was Snake Bait that was used in an issue of Real Magazine, exact date and usage unknown. The image area measures 32” x 18.5,” and the medium is probably opaque watercolor (gouache).

You can buy this image here.


Dull Tool Dim Bulb said...

One of the strangest paintings I have ever seen. (and THAT is really saying something) I do love the lack of color. Grisaille. It looks like a Mark Tansey work on a very, very bad trip.

John Foster said...

I'll say Jim. Take a look at the guy swinging the paddle—looks like Jimmy Stewart in a bad film.

Unknown said...

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