Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Early Mourning

(Above) Tintype of two women in mourning. Click for larger view.

(Above) Detail. Click for larger view.

HERE’S A VINTAGE, SIXTH PLATE (2.25” x 3.25”) TINTYPE of two women in mourning. The rare part of this early photograph is the woman with her head down in despair, an act of informality and spontaneity rarely seen in an era of posed, and formal photography.

Image spotted on eBay.

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Dolls from the Attic said...

Beautiful and heartbreaking...I am working on a post on Victorian England and mourning was a big part of Queen Victoria's reign. As that was a period based on etiquette, even in death there were do's and dont's to maintain according to your social class. Incredible!
Thank you for sharing

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