Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Objects of Power

(Above) Clown Babies: Custom mounted paper mache masks painted in polychrome. Manufactued by The American Mask Maufacturing Company, Finday, Ohio. 18 inches x 9 inches.

(Above) Detail

(Above) Strange Fruit: from India; Late 19th early 20th century; Redware in matt glazes of polychrome. Displayed dimensions: 5” (h) x 21-1/2” (w) x 17-1/2” (d) Sold as a set.

(Above) Detail.

(Above) Target Silhouette: c. 1940 - 1950; A live ammunition firing range “Target Silhouette” of the classic G man type; Midwest, United States; 42-1/2 (h) x 24” (w) x 3-1/4” (d)

(Above) Detail.

JOSHUA LOWENFELS HAS SOME OF THE MOST INCREDIBLE OBJECTS I have ever seen. His eye is second to none. He is the kind of guy who can go to the flea market and spot what others do not—the rare, the esoteric, the transformational object.

You can find his rare collection for sale on 1stDibs, the on-line shop for the best of the best from many different dealers—or you can visit Joshua’s on-line store here.


Candler Arts said...

I agree. You have to check out his bizarre action figures and those seat samples. Great stuff.

Lynn Lunger said...

Powerful collections! What a fantastic eye he has.

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