Friday, October 23, 2009

Elena Kalis: Deep In the Bahama’s

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ELENA KALIS WAS BORN IN MOSCOW (Russia) and has lived for the past ten years on a small island in the Bahamas with her husband and two children. Her portraits of single individuals take the art of the portrait to a fresh new place—dream-like, exuding confidence in what she does. Her style of work (i.e., the metaphor-like examples above) could easily come across as forced or pretentious in the hands of another, but not with Elena. She is obviously comfortable with objects that add power and design to the image. It almost appears that she uses an old printing or photography technique (wet-plate, for example) but I am not sure.

Kalis has an education in art, but has only recently been following her interest in photography. Over the past year she has been doing some beautiful underwater projects with her children and friends. Her work has often been used for book, magazine and CD covers, and has appeared in print magazines, blogs and other online publications.

You can learn more about Elena Kalis simply by clicking here.

All images are © copyright Elena Kalis.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing photography...Thanks John for sharing...Gary

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