Monday, July 27, 2009

Sidewalk Psychiatry

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OK. I ADMIT IT! I AM IN LOVE WITH CANDY CHANG. I LOVE HER THINKING, HER CREATIVITY AND HER ART. You can love her too, and we'll have this gargantuan intellectual love fest with her. If you have never heard of Candy, let me introduce you.

Candy is a designer and artist who currently lives in Helsinki, where she develops strategic visions for Nokia. She has a background in architecture, graphic design and urban planning and combines these disciplines to make city information and communication tools more accessible and engaging. For such a young woman, her resume of accomplishments is impressive, to say the least.

Like this particular street art project Candy calls Sidewalk Psychiatry. Realizing that people walking along a city street are often engaged and immersed in their own thoughts about work issues, relationships, or last nights dinner, Candy set out with non-permanent chalk to prod people to focus on what may be bothering them. Her intent was that perhaps one of these questions would help someone find an answer, or seek professional help.

A former art director at The New York Times, she went on to work in Nairobi, New Orleans, Vancouver, Johannesburg, and New York City on collaborative community-based projects with residents, advocacy groups and local government.

Candy is a 2009 TEDGlobal Fellow and she received a 2008 Sappi Ideas That Matter Grant, among others. As if that is not enough, this amazing woman uses nerdy computer programs and vintage keyboards to make music. She released her record Typography in 2003. She has performed her music in NYC, Detroit and Grenoble.

Candy’s many projects are too numerous to mention, so you can learn more about Candy Chang on her Web site here.

And Candy, if you read this, contact me and I will work to find the funds to bring you to St. Louis, Missouri to give a talk. Our city is making some great strides in urban planning and we would welcome you here!


Anonymous said...

Hm..So I'm walking down the street having a great day and nothing is bothering me, then suddenly i see the words " Who's fault is that", or one of the other phrases....Now I'm being reminded of stuff i don't want to be reminded off and my day is slowly becoming a dark haze of bad memories............I'm sorry, but i don't like the concept behind this artwork...Im sure we don't need to be reminded of our misgivings everytime we take a trip to the shops.

Jan said...

Thanks for this intro John - I'll join you in your little love fest - she's uber talented.

billyjane said...

i just love this! it makes a lot of sense...great text
there's one girl in my town,she made few stencils similar to this,my fave is:
'i'm ashamed so i am'!
an another
'my space is laying'
this one's are so powerful!
thanks for sharing

Larry the Artist said...

Talk about reading the writing on the proverbial wall!

Anonymous said...

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Fara Fae said...

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