Friday, July 17, 2009

Symmetry in Printers Marks

(Above) Brockes, Barthold Heinrich (kissner Hamburg), 1734

(Above) Klostermair, Martin - Chronographia Particvlaris, 1567

(Above) Brockes, Barthold Heinrich - Jrdisches Vergnügen in Gott ; Theil 4. Hamburg - König und Richter, 1735

(Above) ‘Antwort auff der Teutschen Reuter und Kriegswohl’ 1569.

(Above) Becke-Klüchtzner, Edmund von der Stamm - ‘Tafeln des Adels des Großherzogthums Baden’, Baden-Baden, 1886

(Above) Böhme, Jacob: ‘Theosophiæ Revelatæ,’ Hamburg. 1715

(Above) Georg Philipp Harsdörffer - ‘Frauenzimmer Gesprechspiele’, Nürnberg, 1646

(Above) Alphonsus de Varga - ‘Alphonsi De Vargas Toletani Relatio Ad Reges & Principes Christianos’ 1636

(Above) Hans Lhor - Kriegs Feldbüchlin’, Dillingen Bavaria, 1569

(Above) Gersdorff, Hans von: ‘Feldtbuch der Wundt Artzney’, 1551

I SPOTTED THESE EXTREMELY OLD PRINTER’S MARKS ON A VERY INTERESTING site called Bibliodyssey. I selected a variety of marks based on symmetrical designs. Check out the dates on some of these marks. Some of these could make nice tattoos. How cool would it be to have a tattoo based on a design someone made in 1569.


Maureen said...

I saw tattoos too and laughed when I read what you wrote about them.

Anonymous said...

I hate tattoo you have a good comment about tattoo.nice collection.


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BitBotch said...

How sad that today something like this is likely made in illustrator with a few mirrors and some stitching. Let's get analog.

GrumbleB. said...

These designs remind me of what is generally known as rangoli here in india. It is also known as Muggu or Kolam in some parts of southern India and we (ie the women) usually make them with rice flour at the enrance of our homes. They are equivalent to a prayer.

You should look it up sometime John, Would be another interesting post from you :)
I just stumbled on to your blog and love it already

Unknown said...

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