Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Vintage Photographer’s Backdrops

CABINET CARDS AND STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHS WITH PAINTED BACKDROPS WERE EXTREMELY POPULAR IN THE LATE 19TH CENTURY, and it wasn’t until around 1900 that they began to fall out of favor. Why was this? This was due to the popularity of the Kodak Brownie camera, when people could make their own photographs. So, it is rare to discover these 7-foot, 110-year old German painted backdrops. Imagine yourself in front of one of these.

Photographer’s Backdrop:
Circa 1900
Rare photographer’s backdrop of German winter landscape.

Condition: worn, with folds, worn edges

Height: 7 ft. 6 in.
Width/length: 7 ft. 10 in.

Number of items: 1
Materials/Techniques: hand painted, Ton Sur Ton, oil paint on canvas, removed from frame
Creator: unknown

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Maureen said...

For a moment I thought the first one was a photo of the photographer's studio. Someone recently had images of backdrops being used in rural places so you could see the subject posing in front of the backdrop as well as the dirt road and shack behind them. Very interesting.

chiaroscuro said...

When I see old studio-photos I wonder if you were able to choose the backdrop? And was it appreciated to dress to fit into the theme?

RA Friedman said...

These are great and inspiring. Back in the "day" I could fling paint with a scenic's fitch brush pretty well, so I may have to again. My last backdrop was inkjet printed on canvas and didn't work too badly.

I believe people did chose the backdrop as to how much negotiation went on as to costume, I am not sure. Somewhere those details must be documented. The question is "Where?"


RA Friedman, Principle Photographer

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