Monday, May 18, 2009

The Roger Brown Study Collection

(Above) Upstairs, front room of the Roger Brown Study Collection of the Art Institute of Chicago. Click for larger view.

(Above) The yellow painting above is an early Karl Wirsum and below, a red and blue abstraction by artist Barbara Rossi. Click for larger view.

(Above) Painting by Christina Ramberg, one of the original Chicago Imagists who died in 1995 at the young age of 49. Click for larger view.

(Above) A fine relief carving by the great Elijah Pierce (1892 -1984), a barber/preacher and artist from Columbus, OH. Click for larger view.

(Above) An entire room of Joseph Yoakum (1886 - 1972) paintings was breath-taking to view. Click for larger view.

(Above) Brown was a voracious collector of cool stuff. I understand his love for the odd and quirky. Click for larger view.

(Above) A hand-carved 1940’s-50’s advertising figure caught my eye. Click for larger view.

(Above) This powerful carving of a monkey-like animal was most likely made by an anonymous artist. Click for larger view.

(Above) A painting by Chicago artist Mike Noland, a well-known and highly collected painter whose work follows in the tradition of the Chicago Imagists.
Click for larger view.

(Above) This circus banner was huge and draped down a stairwell. Click for larger view.

(Above) This is a great “cheesecake” painting on a barrel lid, very well done. Anonymous artist. Click for larger view.

(Above) Carving by self-taught artist William Dawson (1901 - 1989). Click for larger view.

(Above) A strange and surreal masterpiece by the great self-taught artist Drossos Skyllas (1912 - 1973). Click for larger view.

(Above) A “yellow cab” painting on a found object (an iron) by Roger Brown. Click for larger view.

SEVERAL WEEKS AGO I HAD THE PLEASURE OF VISITING THE ROGER BROWN STUDY COLLECTION located in Chicago. I had been there once before several years ago, and for the most part, it was as I remember it. It is run by curator Lisa Stone and is now a part of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

From the RBSC Web site:

“Established in 1997, the Roger Brown Study Collection (RBSC) is an artists’ study collection and archive, preserved intact in a historic house museum setting. Located off campus in artist and SAIC alumnus Roger Brown’s former home, an 1888 storefront building at 1926 North Halsted Street, the RBSC is an intimate collection with an astonishing range of objects, including works by Chicago Imagists and other contemporary artists, self-taught artists, folk and tribal art from many cultures, objects from material and popular culture, costumes, textiles, furniture, travel souvenirs, and other things Brown surrounded himself with for artistic inspiration.

The RBSC archive is a comprehensive collection of the artist’s personal and working life, and includes Brown’s sketchbooks, library, slides and photographs, personal and professional correspondence, writings, architectural drawings, studies for large-scale projects, and prints and works on paper. The collection is installed as Brown left it, throughout the second floor of the building and two stairways; the archive is on the first floor.”

Contact the RBSC:
Roger Brown Study Collection,
1926 North Halsted Street,
Chicago, IL 60614
Telephone: 773. 929-2452
Fax: 773. 665-4802


Larry the Artist said...

Love the carved monkey and the Yellow Taxi iron.

Maureen said...

Those shelves with the devil masks was particularly creepy! Liked the monkey best, very fine work.

Patricia said...

Thank you for this posting. You really give insight into the tone of the place.

Jan said...

Love the adman - very slick.
Reminiscent of Ronald Reagan I thought.

Hannah Stephenson said...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog(s)! That Roger Brown Iron was fantastic....
Can't wait to see what you post next.


Unknown said...

wheres the rest of them?

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