Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spanish Colonial Misterio

HERE’S A NICE PAIR OF SPANISH FIGURES from 1st dibs, a leading “on-line” antique and collectibles site on the internet.

A very fine, anonymous mid-19th century Spanish colonial misterio, with fully articulated appendages with inset glass eyes and custom made bases.

Dimensions: The Virgin measures 24 inches high.

: $6,500

Condition: excellent

Measurements: height: 60.96 cm (2 ft.)

Materials/Techniques: carved and polychrome painted wood.

Colonial Arts
1028 Kearny Street

San Francisco, CA 94133


Phone: 415-505-0680


Maureen said...

Gorgeous, I assume at one point they had clothing. Interesting, even naked, they're covered.

John Foster said...

Yes, with items this old, the clothing is usually lost.

Larry the Artist said...

Maybe it's my Catholic upbringing, but these figures have a striking resemblance to Jesus and the Virgin Mary. They look like they're dressed in black spandex outfits . . . a very bizarre image.

Kipik said...

It's like a 3 dimensional Botticeli! magnificent!... I wonder what these hands were doing, I'm guessing they were part of a birth of Christ scene holding cloth gifts or thair trade's items... fascinating!

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