Thursday, May 21, 2009

Russian Professor Predicts U.S. Breakup

(Above) The new world order. Click for a larger view.

THIS MAP CAME ACROSS MY INTERNET WANDERINGS LAST NIGHT. With a little more investigation I realized there are quite a few people who believe the scenario presented above could very well happen. Just look at how surprised the world was at the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Factors such as the near economic collapse of the U.S. economy, our immigration woes, the financial drain of foreign wars (thanks, W!), unemployment, massive foreign debt (thanks, W!), and other such problems has prompted Russian futurist and foreign policy expert Igor Panarin to make a chilling prediction: that the United States will collapse before the end of 2010 after breaking into a second civil war. Panarin, who accurately predicted the end of the Soviet Union, says the disintegrated United States will break into various sections, being propped up, protected and dare I say, fed—by various other stronger and more stable countries. He also says there will be a single world currency. Check out the new U.S. map.

According to the AP, Panarin cites some other reasons for the collapse of America: 1) falling financial markets, 2) the recession, 3) the Citigroup bailout. 4) school shootings, 5) the size of the U.S. prison population, 6) the number of gay men in America.

If I were to actually decide, just for fun, to believe this guy just for a minute, he just doesn’t seem to understand how many pick-up trucks with rifles there are in Texas. And to think that Texas (alone) is going to roll over for Mexico? I think NOT!

But I do I see a made-for-TV movie in the works.


Maureen said...

I'm more inclined to think it will devide along the same lines as the original Civil War, and Canada will inherit the northern chunk, as it should.

CvD said...

That is an interesting map, although pretty far-fetched. I believe that Obama's leadership would trump all the reasons listed and any other lame distractions the RePubs come up with. The whole bit recently of Texas Gov Rick Perry making noises about secession is really quite lame. Keith Olbermann's retort on this subject is a must-watch video. On Crooks and Liars,

Anonymous said...

John, I like it better when it doesn't come down to politics. The ones on the left want to make it that way.

John Foster said...

It's a sad and horrible thought, I know. But if you are a student of history, countries go through serious change, coups, new structures. This is a far fetched concept indeed, and we Americans are a bit conceited in the fact that something like could not happen. Still, there is an ever so small percentage it could, I think— without a shot being fired.

Didn't mean for this post to offend anyone, I am more interested in stirring conversation and thought alike "what IF..."

Jan said...

Highly unlikely (as you point out) but an interesting concept.

Matt said...

I heard about this awhile ago, but it's still funny - not only seeing a concept from someone who is so removed from our country and culture, but just thinking about it ever happening in and of itself.

If I were going to make an outlandish prediction like this, I would at least try to make it accurate - little things like adding TX to Mexico, and separating OH from KY along the old Mason-Dixon line is just absurd. Times have changed, man.

I can't wait to see this resurrected on this blog in ten years.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Veddy interesting...

It did make me giggle. Did you ever see that film, The Confederate States of America? It it equally fascinating/horrifying/intriguing.

John Foster said...

After thinking about it, I see it this way: the states would be divided by corporations:
1) The Republic of Apple: the western states, with a small independent country called Googleopolis.
2)There would be The Country of Walmart.
3)The Exxon States
and so on... any others??

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