Friday, May 15, 2009

Color Your Own Dresses

COLORING-DRESS Here’s a dress with a black and white design, which can be hand-colored.

THIS IS EITHER A LAME IDEA OR A BRILLIANT ONE. First of all, I wouldn’t try coloring the dress while wearing it and secondly, if you don’t stay within the lines have you created a dress disaster? What do you readers think?

Berber Soepboer
approached Michiel Schuurman in August 2008 to design the textile for a series of dresses. The COLORING & the ASSEMBLY of the dresses were shown on the 7th of September in Bergeick in De Ploeg’, a very famous textile factory. Although Michiel spent a lot of time to design over 100 patterns and Berber worked around the clock to get the sewing and the hundreds of buttons done, the result proves the chemistry between them.

About Berber Soepboer: She especially designs clothing which can be worn in different ways, so the wearer can make choices in how to wear the cloth. According to her words “Life exists of many choices based on expectations, desire and the available time. When everything is still possible the world seems an incredible place”. She translates these endless possibilities in her design.

About Michiel Schuurman: He studied graphic design and typography for two years on the Koninklijke Academie voor de Beeldende Kunsten Den Haag and graduated as graphic designer in 2002 on the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. His work is almost always about altering typography to the point where it fully replaces image. The sometimes psychedelic designs are strongly based on classic typographic laws and the pure contrast between black and white.


Jan said...

love this - re-blogged today - thanks for the link!

Tattered and Lost said...

I think it's great fun. The only problem would be affordability. Teenage girls are the market. If it's reasonable I can imagine them having little slumber parties where they color these things. Adult women? Not so much. Who has time to sit and color a dress that looks like it belongs on a teenager?

John Foster said...

So right there, Tattered and Lost! Girls slumber parties... perfect. But they better be cheap to buy cause there are gonna be some horrors.

Barbara said...

So many interesting posts, I will be back when I have more time and it is not so late.

Jana FitzGerald said...

im not sure this is that great of an idea. I mean, if you wanted to do something to encourage individuality or whatever it is that results from coloring your own outfit...why would you create such a dominant and aggressive pattern?? I don't think this dress presents "endless possibilities"....I think that it allows the choice of 10 or 20 colors in a predetermined pattern. this would be a lot cooler or more correct if it was blank or something.

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