Saturday, March 7, 2009

Urban Camouflage. Or, Fun at Walmart.

(Above and below) A traditional military Ghilli suit, that looks oddly like Chewbacca of Star Wars fame.

EVER HEAR OF A GHILLI SUIT? Most normal people haven’t, I am quite sure. But if you watch enough History Channel episodes, you are bound to see one. Ghilli suits are the incredibly textured camouflage suits worn by military snipers, and now worn by hunters and paintball enthusiasts. I guess everyone has a hobby. I thought that I should show you some images of real Ghilli suits before telling you about Urban Camouflage

Urban Camouflage deals with the question how to camouflage oneself and one’s identity in the urban space. Their costumes are inspired by the military camouflage suit, examples of which are shown above. Urban camouflage says “it was an adventure to wear the suit in the stores because of the conflicts with the employees, the reaction of the customers and also to see the camouflage effect in a real, urban situation.”

The video is hilarious, perfect for a Saturday. Think of this as a Saturday morning cartoon. There are more examples of their “urban camo” adventures on their website.

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