Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Damned Fine Lampshade

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WWW.UNICAHOME IS A WONDERFUL ON-LINE STORE FOR DESIGNER furnishings, lighting, all kinds of stuff. I have just started to tap it’s deep resources of products. Last week I stumbled upon this cool, limited edition lampshade that I thought would be cool to share with you. I considered buying it myself, but with a sticker price of $47,650, I decided to wait just a bit... until maybe my next life.

Here is their description:

“The Fall of the Damned” lampshade - limited edition of 40 pieces, by Luc Merx

“This lampshade appears as a hovering mass of ornaments, opulent and bombastic. When viewed more closely it dissolves into single bodies, which are twisted in fear and seem to be frozen in mid-fall. Their rhythmic order becomes slightly perplexing and finally renders the bodies an ornament. Softly, the fleshy parts of the bodies, legs and stomachs reflect the light. Because of the shadows the bodies cast on themselves, only parts of them appear in the foreground. Only fragments of the lit interior of the lamp are distinguishable. The aspects of the lit core change dramatically whenever the observer changes his position. These movements of the observer transform the stiff bodies into dynamic objects. The association with the ‘fall of the damned’ - a metaphor for guilt and punishment - gives the lamp a certain amount of ambivalence: is it a moralistic message, an act of formalism or both? The design of this lamp undermines several taboos imposed on design in the 20th century: it is figurative, ornamental and narrative.”

Color: white
Dimensions: 26”w x 11”h x 25”d

Unica Home has lots of fab stuff and offers over 20,000 modern designer products and furnishings for the home and office including Alessi, Flos, Herman Miller, Kartell, Vitra. Those of you where money is no object, you can read more about how to buy “The Fall of the Damned” lampshade by clicking here.


Diana said...

Beautiful and scary at the same time, pero me gusta.

TheNewHeloise said...

Thats amazing. I love it.

Maureen said...

Very Spencer Tunick!

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