Monday, March 30, 2009

Polaroid Lovers Unite!

(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Franck: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Spray*****
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: uncleslappy38: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Rabbit
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Nicole: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: In the Air...
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Primenumber: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Garage Window”
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: pola_risiert: from Polanoid: “Snow Harbour”
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Lazyeye: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Bait Shop Owner: Dungeness
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Nimano: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Nimano
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Pepite: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: Vitrine
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: John Counts: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: 4
(Above) Image © All rights reserved: Polatina: from Polanoid “Shot of the Day: “Running Away” Click on any image for larger views.

MOST OF US HAVE SEEN, USED OR HEARD OF THE POLAROID INSTANT photography process, developed by Edwin Land (1909 - 1991). To refresh your memory, the first Polaroid picture was presented to the public in 1947, and was launched to the masses in 1948 (with the Model 95). I personally remember the fantastic SX-70 that came out in 1972. It was that model where the emulsion could be moved and manipulated—creating some outstanding artistic effects.

When I discovered this site a few days ago ( I immediately signed on to learn more about what they are doing. Created by four guys from Austria, WM, Doc, Andi and Wongsi—“Polanoid” is the go-to site for polaroid lovers, collectors and artists from all over the world. It is an invaluable resource for artists and collectors. I’ll report on new things from these folks from time to time. If anyone can save the Polaroid genre of photography—these guys will do it.

All of the images shown here are original Polaroid photos from their Web site, created by various photographers from around the world.

And, you can read more on this at this site: click here.

All images posted here are © All Rights Reserved by the individuals listed, members of and may not be reproduced without prior permission.

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