Monday, August 30, 2010

Yesterday’s Medicine

(Above) Medical Model of Female; early 20th century.

(Above) Early Prosthetic Leg; Hand-formed aluminum with flush aircraft rivets.
Light, elegant and very sculptural, with a leather-hinged foot.

(Above) Beautiful and Delicately Sculpted Face for Medical Study: Cast in hollow hard rubber with a lacquer finish. The highly detailed front is hand-drawn and labeled with facial muscles. Made in France, the back is signed. It reads “le masque d’etude”, S. Laule....

Highly Detailed Wax Anatomical Head Section: This early wax model is signed “Lehrmittelwerke” and was hand-made in Berlin. The fabric covered wood and glass sealed display case measures 7.25” x 9.25”x 2.5”. The colors are crisp with beautiful and delicate details.

(Above) Early “Bock-Steger Lips” Anatomical Head: This plaster signed model measures 10”x 9.5” at the base. You can call it life-size. The brain is removeable and breaks down into 3 sections.

ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE COLLECTOR’S I know of is Steve Erenberg, who calls himself “Radio Guy.” According to Steve’s website, Radio-Guy, he collects and sells “oddball and scary scientific stuff, globes, industrial masks and helmets, motors, contraptions, classroom demonstration models, tools, nautical, medical, early advertising, electrostatic devices, telephones, telegraph, planeteria, patent and design models, steam engines, microscopes, salesman samples, anatomical, x-ray tubes, artists mannequins, microphones and early radio equipment.

His collection is unique and world famous. His collection groups the odd objects of the world that cross into man’s attempt to make the world of science and medicine better—those objects that attempted to be ahead of their time. These objects are real—objects that Jules Verne or a demented Mr. Wizard would have enjoyed. Some worked wonderfully and others failed miserably. It doesn’t matter to Erenberg, it just has to fit his very odd criteria.

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