Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creative Words to Live By

THESE WORDS should be displayed in every art school, design shop and creative environment for all to read. Please click on image for larger view.

Via World Famous Design Junkies.


Maureen said...


Jane Waggoner Deschner said...

Roberta Smith just wrote this in a recent NY Times article:
"The goal in organizing museum exhibitions, as in collecting, running a gallery and — to cite the most obvious example — being an artist, should be individuation and difference, finding a voice of your own."
It's an on-going struggle to tease out of myself what that particular voice is. It's good to be reminded that it comes from all that surrounds and touches me. It's my job to combine, process, take the next step.
I really liked this thought: "Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent."
Thanks! Great way to start the morning.

Christine H. said...

You have hit upon the "discussion of the month" in our house. While it's true that we take inspiration from everything around us, I think that people use the idea that originality is non-existent as an excuse to plagiarize. Everywhere you look, it's the same re-made music (which often gets worse, not better) and mixes of other people's music, and plagiarized novels. It look more like fakery and laziness to me than inspiration.

carmackart said...

Ray Bradbury, once said something to the effect that he developed his writing style by copying the writing styles of other authors.
Originality does exist but Mr. Jarmusch is correct to suggest that we not go looking for it. IF we achieve it we will achieve without even being aware of it. In the meantime we can at least strive for Authenticity.
In other words (to quote Maureen): Amen.

Larry the Artist said...

I prefer the word "glean" instead of "steal", along with this definition . . . to learn, discover, or find out, usually little by little or slowly

John Foster said...

I knew this would be controversial, but I still stand by the fact that we, as human beings, take in and learn from everything we see. Is there such a thing as absolute originality? I believe the answer is yes. It's rare, but it happens. Sometimes that originality is ahead of it's time, and it is unappreciated and lost to the ages.

We are sponges, whether we know it or not. Being popular means nothing. Being unappreciated means nothing — for your may be applauded by those with weak eyes. Only the work itself will stand the test of time.

Originality can definitely stand on the shoulders of others, because few of us in this world live in a total vacuum. Be open about your influences, about those people and things which inspire you, and all is good.

Arthur said...


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