Monday, February 22, 2010

John Hendrix Sketchbook Cover

(Above) Sketchbook cover by illustrator John Hendrix. Click image for larger view.

JOHN HENDRIX DESCRIBES HIMSELF AS “A DRAW-ER OF PICTURES.” I like to check out his blog Drawing on Deadline, where I (and the world!) are given access to his wonderful mind. Hendrix is a top illustrator in St. Louis, and in the country.
His work has received national and international accolades, and is the author of a wonderful, fully-illustrated and award-winning book John Brown: His Fight for Freedom, which can be purchased on Amazon here.

John fills sketchbooks with his drawings like St. Louis Cardinal Albert Pujols hits homers out of the batting cage. Above you’ll see the cover of one of John’s many sketchbooks, a lovely reuse of old stamps he found at a rummage sale. It’s a work of art itself and I dig it. Check out his blog/Web site Drawing on Deadline (see link above), for a peek inside his mind.

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