Monday, January 18, 2010

Play Tattoos

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LONG BEFORE TATTOOS BECAME THE CURRENT RAGE BY THE KIDS OF soccer moms all over America, there were these play tattoos for kids in the 1950s. Play tattoos, usually made in Japan, were real tattoos on training wheels. Yes, you too could look like a skid row bum, gang member or sailor, but only as pretend. I tried these kind of tats as a kid. They were always blurry and sucked, but occasionally I got one to reproduce OK.
With my rolled up white T-shirt exposing my play tattoo and candy cigarette hanging outta my mouth, I was one tough dude.

Via ebay.


The pale observer said...

Wow I had no clue temporary tattoos were around since the 50's!!!

Tattered and Lost said...

Christmas Eve I was at a friend's home. Their youngest daughter, bedecked in a new red dress with little black jacket, was fetching. And then I noticed it. IT on her upper arm. I pulled her jacket sleeve up and said "Got drunk while on shore leave, huh?" Way beyond her 8 year old world, but my father found it very funny. Her father mumbled "Ummmm...yeah. We're trying to cover that up. It'll be gone in two weeks."

ga norwood said...

hey john - i did play tattoos too.
they were the poorest quality cheap thrill ever. alex

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