Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Take on Old Paintings

MOST OF US THINK OF YouTube as the repository for any amateur video someone may want to upload. While that is true, YouTube is far more than than that. The power of YouTube as a marketing tool is still underestimated by mainstream business. If coupled with the creative ability to deliver a memorable idea or message, YouTube can bring new customers and a completely different way to attract customers to a business. But, here’s the catch. It has to be great to get traction. If it is good enough, unique or funny enough, YouTube videos can get a million hits in less than a week.

Sometimes there is no explaining what will make a viral video take off. Remember the Chris Crocker “Leave Britney Alone” crying video? That nutty thing received 2 million views in 24 hours. Or, what about Susan Boyle’s videos? Or, “Dancing Baby,” one of the very first huge YouTube viral memes, a video that was so popular it was reproduced on the TV show Ally McBeal.

So, what can millions of views do for an idea or product? Well, it can do more than traditional advertising or your usual marketing campaign. It goes down like this: video gets posted and bloggers (like me) find it, and repost it and so on and so on. TV might get involved, and play it for another audience. The video gets emailed from person to person...each compounding the other and resulting in the potential for millions of viewers. Let’s not forget the FaceBook posts and Twitter.

Case in point. The videos above, which tie to an intellectual property law firm in the UK, are probably going to do a lot for that firm. Rather than just send out the traditional press release, why not post a smart, viral video? Who thinks of lawyers as having a sense of humor, as being creative? Not many. This changes that, and gives Loven Patents and Trademarks something other firms would desperately like to have.
That something is difference.

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Pauline Loven said...

Hi thank you for your comments and for the link to our wordpress page (we have linked back too). Here is the latest in our series of sketches based on famous paintings and modern technology. This one begins with Girl with a Pearl Earring:


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