Saturday, December 5, 2009

Qlocktwo (Barada Nikto)

CHECK OUT THIS COOL CLOCK WHICH POSTS WORDS instead of the figures, and certainly does not use those oh so primitive ‘hour and second hands.’ So analog! The time in this clock is indicated by a bank of LEDs. The clock, called Qlocktwo, was conceived and produced by the German store Biegert and Funk, and is designed to change the time every five minutes. It’s available in several languages and will cost you over $1,000 to hang one in your home, loft or business.

Me likey, big time!

Learn more here.


Jan said...

Me not likey - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock !

William C Bevan said...

sphopme ... thats what the word verification tells me is a compliment outstanding.

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