Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Hardware Salesman in 1890

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J.L. ARNOLD, A SALESMAN OF HARDWARE, FARMING TOOLS, PLOWS, STOVES AND IMPLEMENTS OF ALL KINDS, is surrounded by the things of his life in this 19th century advertising card. This promotional “calling card” would have been something Mr. J.L. Arnold would have given to his customers, like the owners of general stores and hardware stores. These store owners would have bought their items from Mr. Arnold, the middle man.

Found on eBay.


Maureen said...

Learned to sew on my grandmother's foot pedal Singer like the one in this card.

Anonymous said...

Advertising at its best.

Martyn said...

I guess that was before catalogs from a place like Sears? Odd that one guy could be selling bikes, stoves, windmill, and farming equipment.

I enjoyed your site and came across it as I was looking to see who else had written about Snowflake Bentley..

John said...

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Ron Yatteau said...

Way cool picture. I work for a 100++ company in the same industry look at this..


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