Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Look Behind the Scenes

ARTHUR SARNOFF (1912 – 2000) WAS AN AMERICAN PAINTER AND ILLUSTRATOR famous for his tasteful pinup girls and humorously humanized hounds that played cards, pool and golf. Yep, he was the guy! He was also known for cover art for numerous magazines, including the “Saturday Evening Post,” “Cosmopolitan,” “Good Housekeeping” and “Esquire.”

These sketches, found listed on eBay and purported to be by Sarnoff, would be studies for larger works. Quick and gestural, they do show insight into the beginnings of an illustrators hand. I especially think the baseball sketches are quite nice. Sarnoff created numerous fine art prints, including portraits of President John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Bob Hope, Arnold Palmer, and other luminaries. His anthropomorphized dogs were among the best-selling prints of the 1950s and his iconic work was frequently exhibited at museums.

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