Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Complex World

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As Beautiful As 2006
30” x 40”
color ink / collage on paper

Banquet 2006
30” x 40”
color ink / collage on paper

Drug House 2006
30” x 40”
color ink / collage on paper

EVERY SO OFTEN AN ARTIST COMES ALONG who just blows you away with talent so deep that you come to wonder how one could be so proficient in both 2-D and 3-D work. Michael Ferris, Jr.’s work would be nationally recognized if he did either—much less both. It would be best to let the artist speak for his work.

Statement for Sculptures

My intent is to render an accurate likeness of my subject however what I find more compelling is communicating the sitter’s “inner world.” I do this by contrasting the sculpture’s stoic, classical form with its complex multi-patterned surface. Ultimately my aim is to express the psychological and spiritual complexity of my subject.

I am interested in creating a dialogue regarding the use of recycled materials. My work is comprised of recycled wood. These forms are then surfaced with a combination of overlaid recycled wood pieces and acrylic pigmented grout. Inlaid gaming tables from the Middle East have played a particularly important role in the aesthetic formation of my work.

Artist’s Statement for Works on Paper

These allegorical images reflect my deeply rooted ambivalence regarding the nature of empire. I am interested in examining the ways that global supremacy has enabled the wonders of life and culture to flourish, while concurrently producing the social and personal contamination of civilization as a whole.

I explore this duality by creating complex Baroque inspired environments that surround and engage with the characters in my narratives. It is through this imagery that I challenge the intent of the pervasive empire. In “Drug house”, I question if the empire is a provider of spiritual awakening or rather a repressive, destructive and exploiting force. In “Banquet” I examine how empire has provided great abundance for some at the expense of a many others. My intent is not to solicit an conclusive answer to the question of empire, but instead, to explore the mysterious and complicated duality of human nature.

Visit Ferris’ web site here.

Ferris is represented by:

George Adams Gallery, New York

Packer Schopf Gallery, Chicago


Joey said...

Fantastic, especially the sculptures! I am thankful for great art.

John Foster said...

You and me both Joey... thankful, inspired and most of the times in awe.

Robert Edmonds said...

Incredible and inspirational. Thanks for posting the images.

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