Monday, September 14, 2009

Bending Space

(Above) No, this isn’t photoshop. French artist Georges Rousse paints interiors to create the illusion you see in these photos.

(Above) This is fab!

IN DURHAM, N.C., GEORGES ROUSSE WORKED A MONTH ON THE PROJECT you see in this video. With over 200 enthusiastic volunteers, the project energized the Raleigh-Durham arts community. Check out the video of the project.


Larry the Artist said...

Beautiful, John. I love seeing through the eyes of artists.

The pale observer said...

These are amazing - I still can't get my little head around the top one with the red design!!

Great blog - excellent showcase. Keep it up!

Holli in Ghana

Albert said...

This is truly amazing. Why does it always seem like a genius idea is also sort of an obvious one? A "Why didn't I think of that" example.

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