Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dr. Grordbort’s Raygun Factory

(Above) VICTORIOUS MONGOOSE 1902A CONCEALABLE RAY PISTOL (click for larger view)

Augmenting security with discretion, the Victorious Mongoose has been purposely produced at just over half the size of the earlier wave weapons, while still packing the punch of its big-boned counterparts. Snugly nestled in an unbearably dashing leather-embossed and satin-lined case, the world's first concealable ray pistol is at last upon us in complete and flawless glory.

(Above) Detail of Victorious Mongoose 1902A Concealable Ray Pistol (click for larger view)

(Above) F.M.O.M. INDUSTRIES WAVE DISRUPTER GUN (click for larger view)

The F.M.O.M. Wave Disrupter Gun has many articulated parts and as such should only be operated by adults or very clever children. This 17 inch-long beast makes other Rayguns look like inferior stumps and its additional length can make other users feel inadequate or underprivileged.

(Above) Detail of F.M.O.M. Industries Wave Disrupter Gun (click for larger view)

(Above) GOLIATHON 83 INFINITY BEAM PROJECTOR (click for larger view)

The Goliathon is the heaviest of the Rayguns, weighing in at 10lbs. It’s sturdy and ribbed handle provides the user with sufficient support.

The Goliathon 83 has tubing, valves, two stage switching circuits, thermionic resonance chambers, inverse aether flux holding cells, and a Krimble radiator. Its three glass canisters, in yellow, pink and blue, carry residue from missions past.

(Above) Detail of the Goliathon 83. (click for larger view)

The lightest of the three Rayguns, what the ManMelter lacks in weight, it makes up for in its gadgets and technical wizardry. The case contains various doo-hickeys and tools, among these are Phlogiston canisters that contain the telltale blue residue, left over from missions past. The switch on the rear of the gun makes a charming ‘thunk’ sound when used.

(Above) Detail of Manmelter of 3600ZX (click for larger view)

STRAIGHT OUT OF A JULES VERNE NOVEL, THESE RAYGUNS ARE BEAUTIFUL EXAMPLES of fantasy design available for sale by the five time Oscar-winning conceptual design company called Weta Workshop. Mainly serving the movie industry, this New Zealand-based company makes many of the fantastic special props you have seen in local theaters.

Weta has enjoyed a long and highly creative relationship with filmmaker and Weta co-owner Peter Jackson since the beginning of his career. The group has made props for films from Meet The Feebles through to The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.

And, the Weta Workshop team designed and crafted the armour, props, weapons and cultures for The Chronicles Of Narnia and miniature ships for the film Master and Commander.

As for the fantasy weapons you see above, their artists created these Dr Grordbort’s Rayguns, which are actually for sale to the public. Meta also sells a whole range of limited edition collectible sculptures, crafted by the very same artists who work on their movies.

Learn more here.

All images © Weta.


Unknown said...

Ultra Cool!

John Foster said...

What I love is the idea of opening this odd case for friends and seeing this heavy, metal ray gun—like a relic from a lost, advanced civilization. Yep, I thought they were cool too. Thanks for your comments.

Maureen said...

Concealable, not hardly in one's appropriate spandex catsuit, but who would want to hide such a gorgeous gadget anyway?

Anonymous said...

John, these are wonderful relics of a time gone by of imagination and the thrill of fantasy...Gary

Unknown said...

These are amazing!! Very Steam-Punk...

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