Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiny Houses

THERE IS A PART OF ME THAT COULD LIVE IN A TINY HOUSE. I KNOW. I can hear my friends howling with laughter right now. Waaa-haaa-haa! But really, it would be so liberating to shed almost all possessions and go to a simple lifestyle of reading, walking and living virtually free. I like the concept! Oh wait, maybe not. Where was the shower? Have to have a frickin’ shower! Was there a TOILET there? OMG! I do not think I saw one. Flat screen?

OK. I wonder how much it would cost for 40 of these tiny houses all strung together, 38 of them to hold my stuff? Hmmm-m?


April said...

Tiny house life is not always easy, but it's worth it. And, yes, most have showers and toilets. We started building ours (under 200 sq. ft.) last October and we're still working on the interior...it's slow going when we try to use salvaged and recycled materials as much as possible. But, hey, no mortgage or rent (we're squatting on my parents' land), we only work PT (fewer bills to pay), and we spend a lot of time outdoors. Two humans and two pit bulls and we're happy with our tiny house.
I also really enjoyed this recent post on tinyhouseblog.com: The Good Old Days in Tiny Housing.

John Foster said...

Hey April: I know it is not easy, but it just takes a different mindset. In a way, it could be the most freedom ever.. few bills, freedom to pursue other passions. Good luck you two!

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