Friday, August 21, 2009

Pimped Out Vintage Rides

(Above) Anonymous vintage snapshot, c. 1930. Child in pedal car.
c.1940 Original French Bentwood Pedal Roadster
France circa 1940’s Awesome unrestored French 40’s bentwood roadster pedal car.

Detail of inside of French Pedal Roadster

Mid-20th C. Folk Art Wood Biplane Pedal Car Toy
USA 1950’s Custom made Mid-20th C. Folk Art wood biplane pedal car toy – purchased from an engineer’s estate, made for his grandchildren in the 1950’s.

Detail of inside of Bi-Plane Pedal Car

The Ultimate Pedal Car American Art Deco
USA circa 1935 This American Art Deco steel pedal car dates from the 1930’s, is painted in salmon and ivory with gleaming chrome and a Persipex windshield … and a caboose that can carry a picnic lunch, toys or refreshments. It measures 63” long including the caboose.
Vintage Peugeot Toy Race Car
France circa 1960’s Peugeot Decorative or functional children’s race car.(Above)
Vintage Metal Toy Peddle Airplane / Car
USA circa Mid-20c Vintage Metal Toy Peddle Car

(Above) Another view, for scale.
“Hypnotic” Scooter
USA 1940’s/1950’s Wonderful, graphic and visually stimulating, vintage child’s scooter. Great folk art sculpture. Easily at home in either a modern or casual country home; makes a bold and playful statement.

MANY PEOPLE KNOW THAT I COLLECT VINTAGE SNAPSHOTS. Over the years I have seen many pictures of kid’s pedal toys. I always envied most of them, because they were so beautiful. I had a tricycle and a bike, but the expensive pedal toys were not so often found in my neighborhood. But check these out! Just the fact that these scooters and pedal toys have survived to be enjoyed today make them rare and… expensive. But for the right collector, they would be important additions to a serious collection.

All of these toys were found on1stdibs


Maureen said...

Can't help think how much safer the roads would be if we were all driving around in them instead.

Larry the Artist said...

We had the firetruck with the bell and removable ladders.

Patricia said...

Sweet rides.

Anonymous said...


Sparrow Studios said...

I immediately thought of a snapshot I have of my father at about age 12 in his go-kart (back in the days when they bothered to make them look like old-time race cars) with his father beside him. I'll have to share it with you. I no longer have the car, but I do still have a few of the trophies he won!

Jackie (AKA one of those COCA people you met at the Kit Keith opening)

Stelle said...

It's fascinating to see the kind of vintage toys kids back then used to play with. I would love to try out that Vintage Peugeot Toy Race Car France myself. Heheh. It looks like a scale model of a war time jet fighter. I bet that's what kids back then imagined while riding that toy.

Stelle Courney

Delsie said...

To see these pedal cars surely took me few years back! LOL! I just wonder though, why can’t we see something like these in stores/showrooms. Sigh… If I ever see anything like it, I’ll buy that right away and give it to my cute nephew James! =)

Delsie Maidens

Nicole said...

Ooooh! I wonder how it feels like to ride on those vintage pedal cars. Those were surely hot items during their generation. Unfortunately, I only see one whenever I go to amusement parks. Haha! Do you agree? You will notice that a lot of rides there are quite similar to these cars.

Nicole Vickers

Unknown said...

Yikes! These are beautiful vintage cars. I wish to see their modernized versions. That might be something cool -- vintage and classy outside, but upbeat and contemporary inside. :)

Cody Strub

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