Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lotería - Mexican Game of Chance

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LOTERIA IS A MEXICAN GAME OF CHANCE THAT DATES AS FAR BACK AS THE 15TH CENTURY. Actual vintage cards are highly collectible, but this framed set of three is pretty spectacular. This set dates to around 1900, and what I like here is the authenticity of the framed set. These cards, representing exotic places and things, were most likely framed for the simple visual beauty they brought to a home. These were found via 1stdibs.

Measurements: height: 27.3 cm (10.8 in.) width/length: 27.3 cm (10.8 in.)

Materials/Techniques: Printed cardboard, wood

Location: Europa 2345 Lillie Ave, PO Box 1198 Summerland, CA 93067 USA

Phone: 805-969-4989

E-Mail: europa@silcom.com


Maureen said...

I have a deck of the last set that I got 15 years ago to use in my collage work. Did laser prints of them, laid out very similar to what's framed, and then cut those up to work with. Loved the Corizon the best.

nashashibi said...

amazing, but i always wanted to know y the numbers are usually random

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I never knew about this kind of antique Mexican games before. But it looks like an Addicting Games. Thanks for reviewing this games.

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