Sunday, June 28, 2009

Victorian Shell Frames

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AS FAR AS ANTIQUES AND OBJECTS GO, I AM NOT MUCH OF A FAN OF THE VICTORIAN ERA. I am interested in that period from a historical point of view, but let’s face it—the Victorians were fussy and over the top in opulence. Victorian women loved to quilt and sew, and make things for the home. Magazines were plentiful, and craft-like projects were often discussed within the pages. This led to many similar “things” being made in different parts of the country that still show up at antiques stores today.

These Victorian picture frames are a good example of a craft-like project that women did during that period. I have to say, I like them. Maybe because of the many rock and shell-encrusted art environments I have seen over the years, these compulsively made frames seem to fit a place I like.

I found these on 1stdibs.

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David Runyon said...

My grandmother painstakingly created several intricate shell frames for mirrors around her home from shells she picked up around their winter home in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I still have one, just inches away from the trash heap. I'll have to save it for you now.d

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