Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanish Illustration: The Art of Diego Mallo

I FOUND THIS FINE ILLUSTRATOR BY THE NAME OF DIEGO MALLO THE OTHER DAY. HIS WORK IS OUTSTANDING, and easily makes the grade for my blog. I think Diego would make a great political cartoonist, as he has a drawing style that is fresh, powerful and right for today. Diego is part of an exciting new wave of Spanish art and illustration that I will be reporting on from time to time. Here is his biography, in his own words:

“I started studying Fine Arts at the University of Pontevedra, but I transferred to Barcelona my second year in order to graduate from the University of Barcelona. I specialized in sculpture, with an emphasis on the urban space and public sculpture.

Across ten years of professional experience I worked as a creator, illustrator, and graphic designer at Estudios Paradiso, then as web designer and art director (at Quiero Internet), and professor of drawing at el Taller de Arte.

In 2007, I worked on a short animated film, “The Biggest Flower in the World” (“LA FLOR MÁS GRANDE DEL MUNDO”), based on the work of José Saramago, and directed and adapted by the director Juan Pablo Etcheverry and with original music by Emilio Aragón. It includes ten minutes of claymation and 2-D scenes, produced by Continental Animation. My work consisted of doing the drawn scenes. In addition I shared the concept art issues with the director, as well as the design of the characters and the general artistic direction of the film. This short film was nominated for a Goya prize in 2008.

My work since 2002 focuses almost exclusively within the editorial environment, as a graphic designer for Ediciones Glénat, and as an illustrator and freelance editor for McGraw-Hill.”

Check out his work at here.


Maureen said...

They're fantastic! The dogman growling at his reflection is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and sensitive...Gary

mckenzie said...

These drawings are so delicate (in texture) but the content is not at all! I love the messages. I agree that he would make a great political cartoonist, however, politics are so corrupt that I'm happier he's not. Better to leave it alone, I think ... more pure.

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