Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Revel Today in Some Great Objects

(Above) Late 19th century canvas circus banner “Thompson’s American Museum of Genuine Curiosities” with original grommets and binding rope intact, all professionally hand painted with great detail, in as found old surface and condition, professionally lined and mounted in a shadow box. 109” high x 88” wide.
(Above) Circa 1930 wood double sided triangular sign “Silver Lake Camp” with an applied horse head and lettering in crisp white on a bright green ground in the best age cracked surface and original condition. 30” high x 33” wide x 2.25” deep.
(Above) Circa 1930 sheet iron Pontiac Indian weathervane in exceptional and original red painted surface. 54” overall wide x 42” overall high.
(Above) Rare 19th century cast iron mooring head in the figure of a young black man, probably used as a riverboat tie down, in excellent and untouched original surface, ex-Savino collection, as pictured in the book “Horsing Around 19th Century Cast Iron Hitching Posts,” page 55, catalog item #94. 9.25” high x 7” deep x 8” wide.

Circa 1860 highly unusual diminutive cast iron optometrist trade sign in original and as found cobalt and red glass, surface, paint and condition. 21.75” long x 11” high.

AMERICAN GARAGE, located in Los Angeles, CA has a new selection of objects for sale. I have selected 5 lovely objects for you today, to view and enjoy. The Pontiac symbol is my fav!

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