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5 QUESTIONS: Modern Shed

For a single person business, how much room do you really need?
Small is good, when it comes to these beautifully designed structures by Modern Shed.
(Above) I’m not wild about this color combination, but that decision is up to the owner.
(Above) Welcome to my little hideout. I wish!
(Above) Small footprints, sustainable solutions. That’s what I like.

WHEN I SAW THESE GREAT, VERSATILE SHEDS advertised in Dwell Magazine, I had to learn more. So, I contacted Christine Palmer, Director of Sales for Modern Shed, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

1. Hi Christine! I must admit, you work for a really cool company. I love the designs for these modern sheds—but they are more than just sheds. I see where people are using your plans to make studios, or even living quarters. Are people loving the simplicity of them?

A: The sheds are very versatile—people love that they can use these for whatever the extra space is they need. Most of our clients use these as offices, but they have been used for extra bedrooms, meditation rooms, exercise rooms, and complete living spaces. The design is clean and simple which allows these to sit next to any style house, in any neighborhood. We have even seen Modern Shed accepted in strict historical neighborhoods.

2. So all the pieces arrive at your house or wherever, and if you are somewhat handy, you start the project. How long would it take two fairly skilled people to build one of these—including beer breaks?

A. We recommend using a contractor, or someone that is familiar with building actual structures, not just IKEA bookcases. These are tricky, and we always can tell when we have a client that got in over their head. The sheds come in panels and are delivered flat-packed either by our delivery/assembly crew, or a traditional carrier crated (depending on delivery location). Our assembly crew of 2, usually builds a 10 x 12’ studio in 3-5 days, depending on site and logistics of working with electrical contractors, etc.

3. What is the single most important thing to do to get started off on the right foot? Would you say preparing the foundation or getting the footings properly set are the most important?

A. The first thing you need to do is check with the city to see if you need a permit. Then the foundation is second. Often the permitting department will determine what kind of foundation you need. We provide pier footing location/directions to the client—so they are set properly. We can help out with details and decisions via email or telephone if the client needs direction.

4. You say these are sustainable, how do you justify that?

A. The practice of building these off site in a controlled environment is one of the biggest reasons. Our design and the materials we use are another. The Modern Shed is designed to be built by 2 people, no cranes or heavy equipment needed. They are designed with the idea that you don’t need a costly addition that creates waste. You can get the extra space you need by adding one of these to your lot. Many of our clients that have bought these have decided to work from home and are eliminating the wasteful commute. Our transom glass along the roofline offers natural light therefore cutting down on the amount of daytime lighting required.

Many of our materials are sustainable, like the cement composite siding that offers durability, the metal roof and the aluminum windows are both recyclable. Even the way our siding is applied prevents mold growth and allows the structure to breathe, aiding in the longevity of the Modern Shed. We offer many Eco options as upgrades if a client wants to go green all the way.

5. What are the sides made of and does that vary?

A. The walls are made of a 2’ x 4’ wood construction with a formaldehyde free fiberglass insulation and an exterior grade plywood. The siding is a James Hardie cement board product. We do offer SIPS (structurally insulated panels) in place of the traditional framing.

If you would like to learn more about these studios, sheds, man-caves, whatever—Christine Palmer
will be happy to answer any of your questions. Check out all the variations at

Here’s more information:

Modern Shed
T 206.524.1188
F 206.524.1189


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