Sunday, June 26, 2011

Karen Caldicott: An Illustrator in Plasticine Clay

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BACK IN THE DAY WHEN CORPORATIONS went all out to impress their shareholders with full-color, perfect bound annual report extravaganzas, I remember the big dollars that were spent sending a photographer out to shoot the CEO and Board of Directors. Individual portraits, group pictures. We’d spend all day getting everything just right so everything was perfect. Oh, and when the CEO came in—you’d better have your shit together because Mr. G.T. Gotrocks (that’s what my dad called any rich guy) was only going to give you 5 minutes. How cool would it have been to have had artist Karen Caldicott create their likenesses out of plasticine clay! It would have been waay cool—for the right client. Those were the days, huh? Now, Darlene in accounting is doing the AR because she has Pagemaker on her computer.

Today, I am sure the Board of Directors of GM and CitiMortgage will be lining up at the local 50¢ photo booth... which actually... might in itself be kind of fun! Now there’s an idea.....

FROM HER WEB SITE: “Although capable of working in a multitude of styles, Karen Caldicott has found a niche rendering celebrities in plasticine. The unique portraiture won her a year-long commission from New York magazine creating weekly likenesses of the rich and famous for its listings pages. Born in England, the 47-year-old moved to the US in 1987 and lives in New York state. Fancy a plasticine bust of yourself? Caldicott also accepts private commissions.”

Tel: 1.518.329.9011


An AM repost from 2/22/09

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