Monday, January 26, 2009

Brontosaurus For Sale: Pickup Only

JUST SPOTTED THIS BRONTOSAURUS for sale on eBay, measuring 56 feet long, 20 feet tall and about 10 feet wide, with the asking price just $29,500. (offer ’em $22K cash--they’ll unload it!) This baby weighs in at a mere 3,700 lbs.—a fraction of the tonnage compared to the real thing.

You know you are thinking about it, so go ahead and surprise the kids! Freak out your neighbors and have your local zoning commission pouring through their books trying to find a law against a dinosaur. If you run into any snags, just call it art, and they won’t know what to do.

Actually, these folks will ship it to you for $6,500, but this isn’t the Wall Street Journal. I’ll say anything for a good headline.

Use keywords: “brontosaurus life-size” on eBay search.


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo tempted, if I only had the money. I wonder if they would take a trade. I have a slightly used brachiosaurus. They could think of it as an upgrade.

John Foster said...

There is a Stegosaurus for sale as well.... be sure and look at their "other" items for sale.

Larry the Artist said...

I live in University City and there's a 2-pet limit. We already have 2 cats.

Ken said...

Hmmmm it would just about fit in the back yard. I'm not sure my wife would go for it however. When I purposed an "art" installation involving inflatable snow globes and pink flamingos she sweetly inquired where I was moving to.

btw I was amused to note that they manufacture these to order. When I read the post I assumed that someone was unloading a museum or theme park piece they no longer needed.

MrPastel said...

Put it inna (big) bag!
Have you spent a lot of time searching for brontosauruses on ebay? BTW, here's another good one. Check it out: Only $13.99 plus S&H.
Fabulous. Love the blog!

Stefene said...

Was this in Vernal, UT? They are to dinos what Popeye is to Chester.

John Foster said...

Oh Mr Pastel, love the baby Bronto. As a matter of fact, I often look for baby dinos on ebay. This won't fit in any bag I know.

And Stefene— I am not sure where this big boy is, I think Fla., but not sure.

Unknown said...

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