Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Photos, 2009 Outsider Art Fair in NYC

(Above) A very creepy Haitian voodou doll at Galerie Bourbon-Lally.
(Above) Late 19th century memory piece, serving as a frame for tintype, at Carl Hammer Gallery.
(Above) A Morton Bartlett doll on display at Marion Harris Gallery.
(Above) Speakers assemble for a photograph after the American Folk Art Museum Uncommon Artists XVII Talks: left to right: Maria Ann Conelli, Executive Director, AFAM; Susan Mitchell Crawley, Curator of Folk Art, High Museum of Art; Michael Noland, painter and art collector; Jeff Way, artist and educator; Ned Pucher, Ph.D. candidate; Gary Snyder, art dealer; Lee Kogan, AFAM.
(Above) No one could be more deserving of the 2nd Annual American Folk Art Museum’s VISIONARY AWARD honoree than RAW Vision founder and editor John Maizels. The event took place Friday night, January 9, 2009.

Left to right: Samuel Farber, AFAM Trustee; Jenifer P. Borum, adjunct faculty member, NYU; Honoree John Maizels; Rebecca A. Hoffberger, Director and founder, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD; Maria Ann Conelli, Executive Director, American Folk Art Museum; Audrey Heckler, Cochair, The Contemporary Center Steering Committee; Robert Roth, RAW Vision Board of Directors and supporter.

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