Thursday, December 31, 2009

City of Shadows: Alexey Titarenko

(Click on any image for larger view)

(Click on any image for larger view)

(Click on any image for larger view)

ALEXEY TITARENKO is a Russian photographer who produced this great series of photographs nearly 20 years ago called
City of Shadows. His work in this, one of my favorite series, is worth a revisit.

Learn more here. Titarenko is represented by Nailya Alexander Gallery and more information about his work can be found by emailing the gallery here:

Titarenko’s work is © copyright.


William Zeytounlian said...

they're absolutely fantastic! thanks, man.

carmackart said...

Extraordinary images. I was not familiar with these before. Thank you so much for posting them.

james said...

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dwhelpuk said...

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Esther Zaricot said...

I LOVE IT! (and I absolutly love your blog!)

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