Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sketchy Santas

(Above) 1.

(Above) 2.

(Above) 3.

(Above) 4.

(Above) 5.

(Above) 6.

(Above) 7.

(Above) 8.
(Above) 9.

(Above) 10.

(Above) 11.

EVERY YEAR AT THIS TIME, THE WEB SITE “SKETCHY SANTAS” starts getting about a zillion hits. Every creepy Santa Claus who ever put on a beard is featured... and more come in every day. Some of these pics are disturbing, in a “ho ho ho” kind of way. Do you have a favorite?
Tell me what you think.

Via Sketchy Santas.


nathalie et cetera said...

5 and 6!

Barbara Carlson said...

Number 11 -- Caption would be,

"Sorry, I just don't practice Christmas."

Larry the Artist said...

Number 5 looks like a Mr. Bill santa after Slugo got through with him. Those kids have to REALLY believe.

Maureen said...

Kid screaming at the fireplace Santa and the overgrown sax player!

Maureen said...

PS - Tattered and Lost is doing a creepy Santa series you might want to check out as well.

Peter said...

#5?? What is that?

chiaroscuro said...

being a santa is a very ungrateful job ...

Jan said...

Favourites? Oh yes.
4 and 7.
Topping my list though number 6 .
Oh dear oh dear. :)

Laura Ottina said...

Incredibly hilarious and disturbing. I am trying to pick a favorite one, but instead I continuously get lost in fascination with all the fantastic details; the fake beard styles, the cheap costumes, the weird backgrounds, the terrifying and terrified expressions... I wonder how future historians will interpret this bizarre and primitive tradition!

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