Sunday, September 12, 2010

Accidental Mysteries is Relocating

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HELLO, READERS AND FOLLOWERS OF ACCIDENTAL MYSTERIES. Just a note to tell my readers that Accidental Mysteries has relocated to Design Observer. What this means is that I hope you will re-tune your computer bookmarks to follow AM on one of the largest and most relevant websites today featuring news and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture. To be asked to join their team is an honor. Design Observer has always been one of my favorite places to visit.

As many of you know, I started this blog almost 2 years ago and it has grown significantly during that time. I thought it was fun when the site tripped the half-million mark for clicks about a month ago. For the first year, I posted 7 days a week. Feeling burnout approaching after 12 months of daily posts (I never missed a day, btw), I gave myself the weekends off, which saved me—at least for a while.

And recently, to again avoid the inevitable burnout that can happen when you focus too hard on a single project, I asked for a little more time off to focus on a few other things in my life. But secretly I wished I could post just once a week and still not disappoint my readers. (OK, I have a “caretaker” complex, I admit it!)

When the invitation came from Design Observer to bring my eye and particular visual viewpoint via Accidental Mysteries to their site, it was perfect. The esteemed Eric Baker, author and Design Director of The O Group in Manhattan had just retired his popular site there called “Today,” and I was just one of many thousands who was sad to see it go. Accidental Mysteries is not meant to replace Eric’s Today—it will simply occupy a similar but unique spot.

And whereas Accidental Mysteries took nearly 2 years to garner a half-million clicks—Design Observer enjoys hundreds of thousands of site visits a month, plus large followings on Twitter and Facebook! It’s a big lovable, open-arms monster I am joining.

So dear readers, Accidental Mysteries is not going away, it has just moved. My first post was Sunday, October 3 and will continue to post once a week every Sunday thereafter.

This site will remain where it is—an archive of A.M. posts about the odd, the unusual and the curiosities and things I find off the beaten path. New posts will continue on Design Observer with same the focus and same viewpoint—just weekly, and with an opportunity to reach a much wider audience. Don’t go away—just set your clock to ring every Sunday or Monday morning, and see what Accidental Mysteries has to offer. And I’ll bet when you are there—you will find the depth of thought and essays throughout the Design Observer site to be a wonderful added bonus.

And please make a note that I will still be maintaining my Accidental Mysteries Facebook page, located here.

See you there!

And yes, that’s me and my twin sister Nancy standing by our new television set in Winston-Salem, NC about 1956. We had 3 channels—and never hoped for more.


Candler Arts said...

John, good luck at your new home. The only disappointment for me is that you will be posting just once a week. Don't forget about us here in the "old world."

Archizoo said...

Congratulations on the move! I think that Design observer has become one of those great "brands" on the web, and your voice will also be a great contribution to its value. All the best...and see you there!

Zed said...

I discovered "Design Observer" around the same time I discovered "Accidental Mysteries," I think. The "Observer" is a fantastic place, and I look forward to continuing to benefit from your posts. Congratulations and good luck!

zbs said...


Jan said...

Congratulations John.
I will definitely update my bookmarks.
I've always enjoyed your posts, I think I may have been reading from the start.
It's always saddened me though that you don't normally reply to comments, well not mine anyway.
Will you be more interactive with your readers on the new site ...
or less?
Please don't say wait and see.
Oh I forgot you won't be replying at all.

John Foster said...

Jan, you have been one of my most loyal readers. And don't think for a minute that I haven't appreciated your comments. I have. Replying or commenting on reply's is one of my failings, I guess. I know you have been with me from the beginning... really, I think—since Day One. Sometimes I write a weeks worth of posts on the weekends... and that is so much work I almost coast and focus on family and work the rest of the week. So, Jan... mea culpa and I hope all is good. :)

Jan said...

Hi John
I came back in to delete my comment (thought it was a bit out of order)
but hey ... you beat me to it!
Please think of it as a gentle nudge rather than a criticism.
Certainly not a failing.
All IS good - catch you Sunday.

Angela Riechers said...

Fantastic news and much deserved! Accidental Mysteries is the blog that never, ever disappoints and it deserves the widest possible audience. Congratulations John.

Dull Tool Dim Bulb said...

Good Work John. DAMN good work.

Laura Ottina said...

Congratulations John, I am so glad for you! Keep on spreading the wonderful weirdness!

John Foster said...

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Rigadoon23 said...

Didn't know about
Design Observer, John.
Good luck with your move,
and I'll start following you there.

A said...

I'll miss you here.
I'll follow you there.
Wishing luck and waiting for long long long weekly posts :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories! And I would follow you anywhere...grin!...Gary

henk van es said...

Hi John, I can fully understand your move and I do hope very much that you will feel at home on the new site. Will be glad to follow yu there. All the best!

Amanda Summer said...

very cool john....big congratulations to you on this move and best wishes in your new home. accidental mysteries was one of the first blogs i ever read, and while i will miss the daily format, i respect your candor about the need for change.

i look forward to reading your posts at design observer.

p.s. i never knew you were a twin!

Joey said...

Very nice! and a GREAT association.

I just have to figure out how I can follow you easily on Design Observer!

male said...

Yes John, congrats - we will follow you on DO as we did also enjoy Eric's 'daily dose' . . .
mal E (downunder)

Anonymous said...

JOHN, is there a easy link on Design Observer that will direct us to your area. It is easy to get lost there and I like the blog follow link...Gary

isaiasvalencia said...

Hi John, I can fully understand your move and I do hope very much that you will feel at home on the new site. Will be glad to follow yu there. All the best!
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