Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Great American Textiles

(Above) Pieced eagle quilt, late 19th c., 71” x 68”.

(Above) Green and red coverlet, ca. 1840.

(Above) Pieced quilt, early 20th c., 69” x 69”.

(Above) Log cabin patchwork quilt, 19th c., 67” x 82”.

(Above) Pieced patchwork quilt, 19th c., 74 1/2” x 74”.

(Above) Unusual Pennsylvania appliqué quilt with floating calico squares on a pieced linen background, 77” x 77”.

(Above) Blue and white coverlet, ca. 1840, 88” x 76”.

REVEL TODAY in the variety and color of these older American textiles, available here.


Elizabeth said...


Have a fantastic day.

abelian said...

Thanks for the textiles! And for all the other things you bring us.

(The link to the auction site is broken - you have an extra character at the end.)

Anonymous said...

these are beautiful

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