Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lies My Eyes Told Me

(Above) Are these red circles painted on the photograph? Looks like it to me.

THE FACT IS, these red circles are painted on the house, and their visualization as red circles only come together at the exact spot one would stand in the top photograph. To move away, even slightly, changes what you see dramatically.
I love it.

See more about this artist, Felice Varini here.


Andy Ross said...

If I remember correctly, photographer John Pfahl was doing similar things about 30 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Thinking about accomplishing that makes my brain hurt.

Louise Bird said...

Theres a similar piece in the ladies toilet in the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Most exellent.

M. de Carabas said...

Thank you ! I just loved your post thanks to which I discovered who Varini was. I had seen one of his works place du théâtre de l'Odeon a few years ago not knowing who was the artist.

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