Sunday, June 10, 2012

Chairs for Francois

GROUP ONE:  Click image for larger view.

GROUP TWO:  Click image for larger view.
GROUP THREE:  Click image for larger view.

GROUP FOUR:  Click image for larger view.

NOT LONG AGO, I SPENT THE NIGHT AT A HOTEL IN SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI.  I’ll admit, after spending some time with a friend at a local pub, I arrived back to the hotel and spied this set of chairs in the lobby. There were four groups of two chairs, eight in all. All were facing each other in a circular lobby. I stood there, stunned, as each pair of chairs stared back at me with their full, limited or blinded vision.

As I was taking these pictures a guest walking by asked me what I was taking pictures of. He just couldn’t see the interest. I was too tired to try and explain. I just said, “I like the chairs.”


Anonymous said...
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DaveFey said...

Love this. Spooky.

Barbara Carlson said...

I feel so sorry for people who look but can't see. The extraordinary-in-the-ordinary world is a visual feast for those with the life-enhancing ability to notice and -- attend.
It's the artist's job to gently nudge these guys -- some of them will "get it" if shown.

patricia sahertian said...

i love these. their eyes, or lack of eyes are just so expressive.

Theo said...

this is great! initially, i thought the removing of the buttons was a visual trick. the way the carpet and the tables ties the images together is amazing

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