Sunday, January 2, 2011

Skate Board Culture Moves to Furniture

(Above) The Comet Coffee Table crosses skate decks together to give strength and a unique look. The sleek design of the glass with the decks makes it perfect for a living room. The Comet Coffee Table is made of a round glass top and 8 decks for legs. Diameter: 40” x High: 15.” Available in maple, walnut and colors.

(Above) The Astro Clock created with 12 skateboard wheels and bearings. Diameter: 17”, 1.5” depth.

(Above) The Hang Up coat hanger is made of coated metal wires with 8 skateboard wheels and bearings. Dimensions: 23.5 ”x 14” x 6.5”

(Above) The LKJ Bench: Hailing from the California lifestyle of longboard skate decks, this bench is not only practical, but it truly is a piece of art. This functional piece can be used as a low table or bench for a living room, bedroom or office. The LKJ Bench is a die-cut longboard deck with metal legs. Dimension: 55” x 14” x 11.”

(Above) The Jet Set Lounge Chair: Wrapped by neoprene which is the wetsuit material for surfers, this piece is created to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle and fits perfectly on a patio or waterfront deck. The Jet Set Lounge Chair is made of 8 decks with neoprene cushions on a metal frame. Dimensions: 33” x 29.5” x 60”

(Above) The Skate Bookshelves crosses skate decks together to give strength and a unique look on the wall. Perfect for a living room or bedroom. The Skate Bookshelves is made of 3 longboard decks horizontal and 3 decks vertical. Dimensions: 45” x 32” x 10.”

(Above) The Skate Wall features a pattern of a real size deck and will add a statement of clean style in any bedroom, office or lounge. Folding Dimensions: 96” x 30.”

(Above) The Stax Chair is made of 3 decks and bended pieces of plywood. Dimensions: 30” x 25” x 20.”

(Above) The Stax Loveseat is made of 3 longboard decks and bended pieces of plywood. Dimensions: 45” x 25” x 22.”

(Above) The Tokyo Lounge Table is made of a glass top and 4 decks that are re-shaped for legs. Dimensions: 44” x 34” x 10.1/2”, 3/4” glass. Please Note: The template of the deck is from the Jim Gray Pro Model (G&S Team Rider, 80’s era).

(an Accidental Mysteries replay from June 2009)

SKATE STUDY HOUSE MAKES FURNITURE BASED ON A PASSION for mid-century design, skateboard culture and California lifestyle.

From their website, “SSH specializes in recreating popular furniture through the vision of a skateboarder. The movement of a skateboarder constantly changes — it recreates itself by transcending boundaries and inventing ways to conquer obstacles. It’s constantly about anticipation and adaptation to one’s environment. The same is true for living design. The combination of the two produces a mixture of contemporary lifestyle, art and action sports culture, which is all found in this unique collection.”


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This is fabulous - love people's creativity. :) K

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To see more hot pieces and cool designs Google "Dorsey Originals" for MORE Action Sports INSPIRED Furniture. Feel free to leave a comment on my website. Have a great Summer ~*Peace*~ William Dorsey/Dorsey Originals

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Fabulous!!! simply fabulous!!!

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WOW! I've seen other skateboard inspired furniture but this takes it to another level! Its amazing!
(I guess I'll have to show this post to my man, he's an ex-skater ;)

Miss M

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